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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Basic Windows Administration through Powershell

Hi Guys,

In the previous blog I took you through PowerShell basics We know that PowerShell to works with different modules like SQL server, Active Directory, Windows Administration, IIS, etc. In this blog I shall be updating a few scripts I've used. You may modify the same as per your environment.
You will be able to find many such scripts online and under

1.Deleting Files older than Certain Date

#Folder from which files are to be deleted 
$filepath= "D:\"#Change the path based on your file location

#Accepting the number of days prior to which user wants to delete the files
$no_of_days = read-host "Enter the number of days(integer) prior to which backups should be delete "

$a= $a.adddays(-$no_of_days)

#Confirming the date with the user
write-host "Do you want to delete files older than"$a"   Y/N"

If ($response -eq "Y" -or $response -eq "y")

write-host " Deleting files from $filepath older than " $a

#Deleting files only
get-childitem $path -recurse | where-object {$_.mode -notmatch "d"} | where-object {$ -lt $a} | ForEach-Object { Write-Host "Deleting "$_.FullName; Remove-Item $_.FullName;}


#Confirming shell closure
write-host "Execution cancelled to execute successfully pass the right parameters & hit Y/y. Any other input will be considered Invalid"

start-sleep -s 7

2. Pinging Multiple Servers

#Servername Text File
$filepath = "C:\Test.txt" #Change the path based on your file location
$Sname = Get-Content $filepath

#Running Loop for each servername in text file
foreach ($S in $Sname)

     #Checks if the server is pingable
     $StatusFlag =test-Connection -ComputerName $S -Count 1 -Quiet

     if ($StatusFlag) #If server is pingable dispaly source,destination & response time
#Sends just one packet to the server and provides the response time 
        Test-Connection $S -count 1|select-object -Property @{Name="Source"; Expression = {$_.pscomputername}},@{Name="Destination"; Expression = {$_.address}},responsetime

         write-host "$S is inaccessible from $env:computername" -ForegroundColor Cyan

3.Multiple Server Entire Directory Structure and File Copy 

# Directory from where the files and folder structure needs to be copied

$directorypath = 'C:\directory\*.*' #Change the path based on your file location
$servercount = read-host "Enter total number of servers for filecopy"

# Accepting servernames and inserting them in an Array
if ($servercount -gt 0)
#write-host "Enter the servernames"
$servers = @()

   $servers += read-host "Enter Server $($i+1)"
}   while($i -lt $servercount)
    #Once servernames are accepted copy the entire direcorypath structure with the files to destination 
    Foreach ($s in $servers){

    #write-host "destination is " $s
     Copy-Item $directorypath -Destination "\\$s\C$\directory" -Recurse 
    #Change the Destination as per your requirement

write-host "Total number of servers is 0 script exccution closed"

I'll update this with more scripts as and when tested and used. Until then keep learning and exploring...

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  1. i like how your file delete process is interactive. I have one similar but never considered the read-host component. Nice work.